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IZIO is an instructor-centric, robust course management system that was built to take advantage of a full ASP model. Whether used for distance learning or blended learning, IZIO allows university staff to rapidly deploy course content on the Internet. Administration is simple and intuitive, and hierarchical user levels allow multiple staff members to assist in course setup while maintaining a coherent and consistent online user interface. IZIO allows administrators to manage an entire program or school, much like an LMS would. With pre-scheduled delivery of any file type, easy-to-build survey and self-assessment tools, and peer discussion and chat groups, professors can choose to participate actively or allow the audience members to collaborate with and learn from one another. IZIO is an invaluable way for professors to help students get the most out of their academic experience.

IZIO's integrated suite of online teaching and learning tools gets your program up and running quickly and easily. Our solution supports courses that are instructor-led, learner-led or a combination of the two. With IZIO, you can either build an enriched, blended education experience that combines classroom and online resources with pre and post learning, or create a complete online course. And, there are no exorbitant infrastructure costs, production fees or related expenses, making the total cost of ownership appealing to all institutions.

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